Group Communication Tools

For many of our events in Hakone, we will use Group tools for not only providing daily updates, but also for the voice and chat communication during the sessions. The Group voice provides a more even level of audio for participants to hear and the ability to see and communicate by chat is not limited by proximity.If your group communication is open, you can hear the presenter no matter where you are in Hakone!

A new group will be created for each event. After registering for an NMC Symposium, on your first entry into Hakone, you will be invited to join a group (see image below). Be sure to accept the invitation! If you decline the invitation, you must contact the NMC Help Desk so we can issue you a new invitation.


To see if you are a member of the event's group, examine your Groups by selecting Groups... from the Edit menu. This will show the groups you are associated with. If the group for the event you are attending is not highlighted in bold, then click once to select it and click Activate- this will be shown by the label over your avatar's head.

It is also from this window that you can open the group communication tools by clicking IM/Call (access the group instant messages and voice calls).


You will want to join the group's call before a session starts so you can hear the speaker's audio:

If you are unable to hear sound when others indicate they do, see our Voice Chat troubleshooting page or contact our Help Desk .