Logging in to Hakone

The login screen for the Hakone client is very similar to that for Second Life, and also bears the Second Life logo. A key that indicates you are using the right client is the red color of the top menu bar... and that there are generally many fewer people listed as online now!

There are three key steps for logging in to Hakone; after doing this once, these items will be preserved if you are using the same computer.
  1. Enter your Hakone user name- this will be supplied in an email to you, and is generally your real name. Note that compound names such as "Kim Jo Yang" or "Sylvia de los Santos" are usually converted to a form like "KimJo Yang" or "Sylvia delosSantos". If you have any trouble logging in, please contact the NMC help line help@nmc.org or call us at 512-445-4200.
  2. Enter your Hakone password- this will have been sent to you by email. See also how to change your password. You can choose to have the computer remember this password by checking the box (not suggested for a computer that is not your own)
  3. Enter the Hakone server address- This is the most important and overlooked step. The field to the right of the login button looks like a menu, but you can place your cursor there to enter the address of the Hakone server nmc.its.cwru.edu (do not use "http:"). The next time you log in, this server address will be selected by default. NOTE// You must enter this address EXACTLY- a few people have copy/pasted it with an trailing space on the end, which produced a DNS error. The address must be entered exactly as nmc.its.cwru.edu

Once you click login, ysecurity_warning.jpgou will enter the virtual space. On your first entry, you will get a certificate warning- click "yes" to trust this authority (it is Case Western Reserve University where the server is hosted). You will only have to do this the first time you log in to Hakone.

Next, as a new user, you will be asked if you prefer your avatar's gender to be male or female. On your first entry, you will find a quick on-screen tutorial on the basics for moving around the virtual space; if this is your first time ever in a Second Life like environment, please review these helpful guides.

After this you will find yourselves an open plaza near the large NMC coliseum (one of our conference venues), facing a "Welcome to Hakone" sign.

Behind it is a city scape, where the NMC has created a number of virtual stores-- and all the items there are free! You will find things you can use to customize your avatar in addition to other resources


For those who are familiar with Second Life, you will use the same controls to move around Hakone. Feel free to explore the four sims that make up Hakone. You can learn more about how to get around in our Hakone Basics section on Navigating Hakone.