Navigating Around in Hakone

The most important thing to learn is how to walk. Your basic controls are your computer arrow keys- use left and right arrow to spin your avatar around (note that your default view os looking forward over your own shoulder). Use the up arrow key to step forward, and the down arrow key to walk backward.

Throughout Hakone, you will find similar black signs that give you the ability to teleport to different locations.
To teleport to a location, simple use your mouse to click its name on the sign. This will make the Hakone map appear (which you can also bring up via the blue button at the bottom of the screen). If you use the teleport signs, it will have the destination located, and all you have to do is click Teleport in the bottom right to go to that location.
A place for new users to get better acquainted with the virtual world environment is our Orientation Path, a series of instructional signs that explain the most important functional features of the software. As you walk up the path, you will be able to review a series of stations that explain how to do things like fly, use your view tools, etc.