Keep Your Avatar Awake

If you are away from your computer or do not move your avatar, left to itself, you will appear to others to be asleep. If you sleep longer, Hakone may even log you out of the system.

This is a feature to indicate that you are not active, but perhaps you dont want to appear like you are sleeping through a meeting or a presentation.

Below we show you how to keep your avatar from sleeping via a special hidden menu.

To activate the Advanced features menu, on your keyboard click Alt-Ctrl-d or on a Mac option-control-d. This will add a menu to your client software:

Now from the Advanced Menu, select Character -> Character Tests and then uncheck the first item, Go Away/AFK When Idle. Your avatar will never sleep again.


For people who take photos in world, another useful feature under the Advanced menu is checking Quiet Snapshots to Disk. This suppresses the camera noise and animation when you take a photo.