Technical Requirements for Hakone

The computer requirements for Hakone are the same as for accessing Second Life; see "More" is better- more RAM, more powerful CPU, more powerful graphics cards.

Registered participants for NMC events in Hakone will be provided a link to download the special client software, the Second Life Workspace viewer (it runs on Windows XP, Vista; and Mac OS X including the Snow Leopard OS). This software is very similar to the standard Second Life application.
We most strongly recommend that you access Hakone via a broadband internet connection. Your experience will likely be better on a wired connection than a wireless one. If your only option is wireless, you are also subject to the shared bandwidth of others on your network.
The software will consume much of your computer's CPU, so we also recommend quitting all un-necessary applications, especially ones that use your internet connection.

In addition, because the audio for the events is via the built in Voice Chat, you must use a USB headset. if you listen via open speakers, the audio will be picked up by your microphone and retransmitted into Hakone and causes disruptive feedback to others. USB headsets are very cheap! Get one and use it. If you lack a headset, at least use a pair of headphones for the audio (e.g. iPod ear buds).

Please test your audio setup before launching the Hakone software, make sure your system Audio Control Panel is set to use your headset for both audio input and output. The software typically does not recognize a change in audio source after it has been launched.

For details on the settings in world, see the Hakone Basics section on Voice Chat.